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Welcome to Mecha Maniac >> This is a site dedicated to the building of mecha models. My fascination with robots began as a child some 20-odd years ago. Over the course of the years, this fascination has become more of an obsession. To showcase my love for these subjects, I have created - my home on the web. You will find within the GALLERY, a showroom of completed mecha models, ranging from standard out-of-box builds to more creative endeavors, utilizing scratchbuilding techniques and custom paint schemes. Also within the Gallery, you will find WALLPAPERS I have created, using my models as the subjects. The WORKSHOP houses all my progress and tutorial pages. You may find some nice tricks in there! The LINKS section will provide you with a good number of high-quality mecha sites - all worth checking out. So cruise around and enjoy...and please do NOT hesitate to drop me an email if you are interested or have questions about anything you see here. Thank you.

2/18/2005: Wow! I came across a really cool offer the other day. You can get a FREE APPLE MAC MINI! I had to try it out so I signed up. If you want to check it out, here is a link:

Other than that... I have been busy working on some projects. But I have been bad updating the site. I will have a bunch soon, so check back in a couple days - it'll be worth it ;)

1/12/2005: Some good news today... I had entered my Nightengale into the e2046 winter contest, and managed a 2nd place win.

1/5/2005: Wow... another update! I wonder if me recent bout of unemployment has anything to do with this? In any case, I have done even more wallpaper work. This time, For the Rick Dom I just completed. Click here to see: 1024x768, 1280x854

1/4/2005: Time for an update. I have done a little more wallpaper work. Each time a model is completed, I like to fiddle a bit. Click here to see: 1024x768, 1280x854

1/1/2005: Today is a big day!. It has been a long year since launching about 1 year ago. As it is about time for a redesign, I have been busy revamping MechaManiac for 2005. So - Welcome to MechaManiac v2! I hope you guys enjoy the new layout! To commemorate an event as grandiose as this - I have also managed to finish the TigRe-GZ! --p.s. The site may be a little buggy until I get the kinks out. Feel free to drop me a line if you find any issues.






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