This is a Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed. I decided to do my own custom paint scheme with it. With a name like Freedom Gundam, I could not resist doing a "Stars & Stripes" theme with it. Hence, S.S.T., for Stars & Stripes Team.

2/9/04 >>

I have not documented construction at all, so this section will probably be fairly bare. I have done some painting however. In accordance with my SST theme, I've decided to paint some stars and stripes on the Freedom's wings.

Here's the face. I cut off the eyes and replaced them with my own cut from styrene. I also applied some of the Studio Reckless Visor film I got from Ako. this stuff is pretty cool. The pics do not truly show it's visual properties, but believe me, it's cool.

Here's a shot of a bunch of parts on skewers being painted.

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