Kampfer : Inferno Project

This is my take on the MG Kampfer model. Conceptually, it is a Flame Unit Custom Kampfer. I am dubbing this the, "INFERNO project : codename - F.U.C.K."


The actual model itself is an OOB build. It will be the custom weaponry and custom paint scheme that set it apart from the crowd. As opposed to the cool pair of shotguns, and back-mounted bazookas that come with the kit, this guy is getting a pair of ass-kickin' flamethrowers:


Here is a glimpse of the paint concept. However, it is very inaccurate as to my direction now...wait and see...


1/7/2004 >>

I've managed to actually shoot some pics of my painting progress. This is the process I used to paint the flames:

First a mask is created. I use a pencil to draw the flames' shape, then use my Xacto to cut it out. I'm using standard 3M blue tape.

Then I apply the mask to the pieces. I'm painting the flames themselves, so I apply the mask that is NOT the actual flames.

Next, I paint. I'm painting your run-of-the-mill yellow/orange flames, and my technique is very similar to preshading. I basecoated the flames white, so the yellow will be nice and vibrant. Then I lay down a coat or two of yellow. Next, I shade the tips and edges of the flames with orange. Yellow is then applied to blend the orange more smoothly. Once done, the mask is removed. This is the result.

1/9/2004 >>

I managed to actually shoot another pic today. This one is of the two finished rifles. They have both been modified into flame throwers. Remember, my kampfer is a dual-rifle toting, fire-slinging bastard of a terror.

1/21/2004 >>

As usual all my good ideas are aftherthoughts. So, I had my friend Phil print up a custom decal sheet for me. I did a design layout that he had to redraw for me, due to shoddy original graphics files. Let me say, Phil did an awesome job and I am extremely pleased! It should only be a few days now until completion...






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