This project was built specifically for entry in the CoM mascot contest. There were color criteria to adhere to, but you could choose any model you wanted. You also had to use a specific decal sheet made by Tim at CoM. The decals were quite cool and I think they look great on the model.


I worked on a leg mod I'm doing to increase some mobility, and hopefully allow the zeta to do some more 'lifelike' poses. First, I made a cut right above the knee in the upper thigh. I scored this with an Xacto over and over until I got a clean cut through. I then took a spare polycap and cutoff its 'ears.' This polycap was placed within the skeleton of the upper thigh and SGT'd into place. Some spare styrene sheet was used to mount a rod into the knee, which would then enter the polycap I just glued into the upper thigh.

The result is a leg that can now twist at the knee...viola' - all done!


I've moved onto the head modifications. These are purely cosmetic. The inspiration is coming from the ZETA+ DOMINANCE, as appeared in Model Graphix (Thanks Tim at COM for posting a few scans!) Since my skills hinder me to doing a crude variation rather than a direct definately won't be exact. But that's ok, enough rambling. I'm using SGT and styrene sheets for materials, and then a whole lot of sanding for shaping. I'm finding that two great sets of jeweler's files I own contain all the shapes and sizes I'm finding necessary to hollow out the 'cheek' vents. Thanks grandma! Anyhow, here's some shots... the first two show the left side vents, mostly completed...

...The next two pics show the right side vents in progress...achieving symmetry is going to be a real bitch...

10/4/03 >>

I have not done well with keeping this page updated. I managed to get the project done though! Here are some shots of the painting progress...

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